First Christian Assembly

1900 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148


Schedule of Meetings

Philadelphia Location:

9:45 AM Bible Study
11:00 AM Worship Service

South Jersey Location:
10:00 AM Worship Service

Philadelphia Location:

6:30 PM Prayer
7:00 PM Discipleship and Practical Christianity
Philadelphia Location:

6:00 PM Prayer
7:00 PM Bible Study*
*Meets at the Philadelphia Access Center
Philadelphia Location:

7:00 PM Free Indeed*
*Meets at the Philadelphia Access Center

Digital recording of services and Bible studies are available.

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About Us

First Christian Assembly is a Bible-believing Christian church whose mission is articulated by Jesus in Mark 16:15 when he said "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature".  Following this great commission, First Christian Assembly preaches and teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In doing so, we trust that God, working through His Holy Spirit will draw souls to salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord.    As these new believers are added to the church, we strive to train them in the Scriptures so they can mature in their faith.  We encourage every believer to seek out God's will and direction for their life, knowing that each new creation in Christ is gifted by our Heavenly Father with talents that are best expressed as they follow God's will for their lives.  Therefore, the testimony of Jesus Christ is manifested as we walk in the good works that God has set before us.